Two pink coupe glasses filled with various shades of pink, Valentine's themed macarons surrounded by small disco balls and placed on a pink backdrop. The coupe glass on the left has spilled, leaving a trail of macarons. The coupe glass on the right is upright and filled to the brim with macarons.

whippin' up desserts with a side of nostalgia

Maddie About Cake is a micro-bakery specializing in French macarons. We help our customers access high-quality French macarons right at home in a variety of unique and unexpected flavor combinations.

We pride ourselves on superior product quality and put in the extra effort to ensure that is provided. One way we do that is using the Italian method to make our macaron shells and the other way is using chocolate ganache for all of our fillings. We think both of these provide the best textured macarons for a melt in your mouth experience!

our sweet journey

  • The very first cake Maddie made for her a friend during the pandemic. This was the start of Maddie About Cake!

    “Maddie started baking cakes for friends and family during the pandemic as a fun hobby.”

    humble beginnings
  • Maddie, founder and head baker at Maddie About Cake, testing the temperature of her meringue before mixing it with her macaron base.

    “She quickly realized that sharing her creations with others brought her (and others!) so much joy.”

    the joy of baking
  • Maddie, founder and head baker at Maddie About Cake, testing the peaks of her meringue before mixing it with the macaron base.

    “Maddie started an Instagram (basically the official start of MAC as a concept) in February 2021.”

    mac gets social
  • Close up of Maddie holding a macaron from the very first batch of macarons she ever made!

    “Our very first batch of macarons in March 2021. It's amazing how far MAC has come since then.”

    our first macaron
  • Photo of the Maddie About Cake's very first pop up booth at Logan Street Market in Louisville, Kentucky!

    “We then had our first pop-up in August 2021. We were so excited to share the joy with all of you!”

    our first pop-up
  • Maddie, founder and head baker at Maddie About Cake, is smiling and posting with one of her signature heart shaped macaron layer cakes, surrounded by different sized disco balls. Maddie is wearing a hot pink blazer and sparkly, pink heart shaped sunglasses.

    “MAC officially became a full-time endeavor in October 2022. A little scary but mostly exciting!”

    mac goes full time
  • One of Maddie About Cake's signature heart shaped macaron layer cakes, complete with different shades of pink icing, custom text, and mini disco balls. The cake is surrounded by pink, strawberry macarons and three piping bags of pink icing.

    “As we dream about MAC's future, we’d love to add more gluten-friendly desserts to our menu!”

    the future of mac

meet our founder

  • Maddie McNabb is a former higher education professional turned full-time baker and entrepreneur. She’s always had a love for baked goods and grew up in the kitchen with her mom, always preparing intricate birthday cakes and slaving away over holiday cookies every year. However, she always preferred the eating process over the baking process!

  • She has a bachelor’s degree in French and International Studies from Centre College and a master’s in Higher Education from the University of Virginia and likes to think she’s at least putting that French degree and study abroad experience to good use.

    College is also where Maddie met her Mr. MAC!

  • Maddie's favorite dessert to make is bananas foster macarons (because using the kitchen torch, duh), and her favorite dessert to eat is chocolate cake (queue the Matilda meme... "Maddie, Maddie, Maddie!").

    With her educational background in French and her love for all things sweet, Maddie is the dessert queen.